Sonos 5.1 surround not working with PUS7304


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Has anybody gotten Sonos 5.1 surround to work with Philips PUS7304? I have a Playbar, Sub and two Sonos ONE 2nd GEN working as a surround sound. If you play music through streaming services, the surround works perfectly. But when sound is played through TV the surround sound disapperas, so the SONOS ONE speakers stop producing sound. All goes back to normal if you go back to streaming music through spotify apparently.

Any experiences with this?


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I don't have your model of Philips but do have a Sonos surround setup. Presumably you've done the obvious and set the sound output on the TV to output 5.1 correctly for your setup? I've got the Sonos Beam, so for me it's via HDMI. I think the Playbar is via optical? Another thing to consider, although I don't think this is your problem, is in the Sonos app itself. Within Settings -> System -> <your room where the surround is> -> Surround audio -> Music Playback set this to full, otherwise you only get ambient sounds when playing music.

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