SonicStage - transfer to My Library?


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I'm trying to copy some albums from my HD5 to my hard disk so I can create some playlists in SonicStage - but the transfer doesn't work.

I'm selecting the album, right-clicking and choosing "Transfer to My Library". Everything seems to go OK but no transfer takes place. Am I doing the right thing and has anyone else experienced this?


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extremelydodgy said:
You can't transfer tracks, be they MP3 or otherwise from the HD5.

really? So how do I create playlists using tracks that are on my HD5 but not my hard drive?

I know it can be done using the bookmarks function on the unit itself, but there must be some way to do it using the software. Or is SonicStage just that crap?


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I just checked in the manual. On page 27 (English version) it says you can do this - I've followed the same procedure but it doesn't work. Am I the only one?


It's a bit of a misnomer, I'm afraid, this 'Transfer back to PC' nonsense. What actually happens is the HD5 checks to see if the tracks you're planning to transfer back are still on your PC. If they are, it simply deletes them from itself. If they're not ... well, some tell me it deletes them, some say it invalidates them, and some say nothing happens at all.

So yes, SonicStage really IS that crap on this particular function (and to hell with what the misleading manual tells us!).

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