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    :lease:hi - need some help! As sony are now forcing me to use sonicstage CP (due to no further downloads from november for connect player) i have spent hours trying to transfer all my music from CP to sonicstage CP. I have downloaded the sonic stage CP v4, download the migration tool, followed the directions for formatting the device, then using the migration tool as per sony instructions. successfully formatted device, created playlists & uploaded library in sonic stage sp. (however several albums are missing).

    now my problems start: when trying to download from the new library to the device (A3000) some albums transfer & some not. Some albums have one track that just WILL NOT transfer yet the rest do, and all are in the same format within the album. The indicator showing the available disc space shows 15.3gb at present, then i try to download an album but doesnt work, then tells me there is no space left free. I then have to disconnect by player from computer, reconnect and then the indicator is back to 15.3gb......

    i have wasted so much time in the last few weeks trying to transfer data across. I'm only half way through transferring my old library to the new yet have 7 full albums not able to transfer to device, with 8 albums with tracks that wont download to device. I am having to do this album by album because once one cannot be transferred it stops all transfers saying no space left.

    Can anyone suggest a simple fix? wrong formats? wrong connections/settings? Once I've finished mine i have my son's to do!!! I am seriously considering uninstalling the sonic stage & going back to connect player & give up on downloads!

    any suggestion appreciated.
    ccking's wife!

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