Sonic Stage Problem - Please help



Hi there,

I've been using Sonic Stage version 3.2 (i think) with my NW - hd3 without any problem.

However I have now just bought a new NW A808 and upgraded to version 4.3 and it wont recognise the player. I get the omgjbox has encountered a problem message. :mad:

I've carried out the supposed fixes on the website by enabling the Dsp tab for explorer, but still no joy. I'm using XP with service pack 2.

Anyone no of any other ways to enable the program to run?


KJ Palmer

Active Member
Isn't 4.3 only recommended for use with Microsoft Vista? I have 4.3 installed on my Vista laptop and it seems to work OK (with my Hi-MD), and 4.2 on my XP PC. Hopefully if you uninstall 4.3 and install a lower version (4.2 can be found here) it should all work again. Hope that helps.

Matt Horne

Well-known Member
Ok I kinda had this when I got a newer sony player. What I did in the end was :

Use the version in the box that came on the disc.. Ignore the installer and go through and install Sonicstage on its own (along woth the OMG stuff) I was getting a error everytime when I used the main installer routine.. and its was fine when installing the component parts individually.

4.2 does seem to be the one to use...

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