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Mar 18, 2003
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Can anyone help ?

I have produced a movie project using 1 of the free software packages that came with my Sony DVD writer called "Sonic My DVD"

The finished DVD worked fine in my Pioneer DVD player and also on my PC but when I put it into another PC nothing will play it, ie Windows Media player, Quicktime etc.

Does anyone know of a player that will work ?

Guessing here: the other PC hasn't any DVD playing software on it and as there's no DVD decoder shipped as part of Windows, Media Player doesn't know how to play DVDs.
OK, I didn't know that. So Windows Media player doesn't recognise a DVD disk.

Can you recommend a player that will play my DVD ?

For non-home-cinema type situations then PowerDVD or WinDVD are often found bundled with DVD-ROM drives or can be bought off the web .. since this PC where it's not playing does have a DVD drive it may be worth you checking to see if it came with a DVD player package that just hasn't been installed.

PowerDVD can be found here on Cyberlink's site, WinDVD is here at InterVideo. There are several other players, TheaterTek is used a lot by home cinema owners but costs a bit more than these others and for home-video work is probably over-the-top, but I have no experience of those.

You can add just DVD decoders so you can use Media Player, such as those from CinePlayer (which are the Sonic decoders used by TheaterTek).

Finally, there's a freeware Media Player which I use a lot for MPG/AVI viewing, it also has some ability to play DVDs I believe (though I've never tried). It's small to download and simple to install, you may want to try that first of all.

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