Sonic Megamix Review - Sega/Mega CD


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Welcome to the first episode of 2012 of Michael's Retro Game Reviews. So to start this year off with a bang i will review a homebrew remix of the orginal sonic game for the Sega/Mega CD



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Good review, it's a shame that I now only have one of those "Blaze"/"AtGames" Mega Drives now, so I can't play SMM on a console (I don't do emulation :) )

Oh, and just for the record, Sonic 4 Episode 2 was announced on Gamespot on 27th December 2011. :thumbsup:


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Any more reviews coming Michael? I haven't seen you post a new one up in a while.

What about that Maniac Mansion review for the NES we talked about last year, are you still interested in doing it? :)
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