Sonic and feature differences between Denon 2803 and 3803


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Can't make my mind up between the Denon 2803 and 3803.

I don't need the fancy video switching of the 3803 and not to fussed about the back lit remote.

So other than the extra 20w per channel what other differences are there?
Does the 3803 have noticably better sound quality and ooomph than the 2803?

Are there any other nice features that the 3803 has and the 2803 doesn't



Lee - don't use paper specs as a reference to power outputs. Both the 2803 and 3803 deliver similar power outputs when driving five channels or more.

With five channels driven, the 2803 has a continuous power output of approximately 36 watts, and the 3803 closer to 50 watts.

I've heard all of Denon's '03 series amplifiers and have owned the 1803 for some time. I'd say the improvement over the 2803 in the 3803 is definitely significant, but that's to my 'sensitive' ears. You'd be best to listen to both before making any descisions.

The 3803 has a few worthwhile 'better' features than the 2803. Improved Dual-Differential DACs aswell as a significantly better power supply and components. There's also more current available to the poweramp channels, and 'Pure Direct' mode in the 3803, which brings significant improvements to straight stereo performance.

Were I you, I'd wait one or two months for the AVR3805 to be released, at which point the prices for the 3803 will fall dramatically (they're already selling at £599 on HiSpek).


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Thanks for the info Dimmy.

I've ordered a 3803 from HiSpek, I bought my 46" Tosh from them last year.

I got it for £599 plus £50 for 5 year warranty and all on 12 months interest free so I can leave my money in the bank. :)

I'm hoping its a big step up from my old Sony STRDB930



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Don't forget the 3803 has AL24 which trickled down from the A1 behemoths.


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