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A friend of mine (really, it's true:D) has hundreds of songs on his PC in WMA format but when he was ripping them he did not remove the protection from the songs. Now he has bought an MP3 player and the protected songs will not paly on it. Is there anything he can, do apart from going through the hassle of putting them back on his PC from the CDs again




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You think I'm gonna fall for that one? I can't believe your mate was so stupid to try it in the first place :D


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Originally posted by Desmo
You think I'm gonna fall for that one?
Legally, what is the situation with putting songs onto an MP3 player? Obviously u can't put them on a PC with the intension of copying back to CD or distribution via sites such as napster but I would have thought that putting a selection of music from your own CD collection is acceptable.

Anyway I really think the only way around this is to rip the songs to the PC again. But if he removes the protection he is breaking the law but if he doesn't how else is he going to get the songs onto the mp3 player.

Forgive these (probably) very stupid questions regarding MP3 players, I know nothing about them and have absolutely no interest in them. With two kids under 5, sticking headphones into ones ears is just not an option.:D


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