Songs keep skipping on my ipod


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I have a 5th gen 30gb video ipod.
Over the last few weeks, certain tracks have been skipping after playing a bit into them.
All of the tracks have been downloaded but not from ITunes.
I keep all of my music on an external drive and since doing this i have to update my ipod using Anapod Explorer as ITunes always crashes.
The tracks play fine on my pc when i open them in Anapod Explorer i.e. play them off the ipod on the pc.
Has anyone else experienced this problem and therfore can offer solution?

Young Spade

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If it keeps happening to the same songs it might be the actual songs that are the problem.

If it randomly happens to any song then your HDD could be failing or something.


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it is the same songs but they play fine off my pc, its just when they are played on either iTunes or on the ipod that they skip.
ill maybe try to redownload the songs but as im not sure exactly how many are skipping then this may take some time!!
i had just hoped there was amaybe something i could sort out with the ipod to resolve it.


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Simply restart your ipod, you can make a hard reset or a soft reset.

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