Song of the Sea Blu-ray Review


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I agree that it probably should have won the Oscar instead of Big Hero 6 (I think it was who won it). Even just basing the two movies against each other, the kids adore SotS and will watch it over and over. For grown ups it's beautiful also especially as from Ireland I would have grown up with the old tales. Brilliant imagery and (I believe it was mostly hand drawn opposed to the CGI norm these days (eg. BH6)) and a superb sound track.

Some people will recognise the voice actors: David Rawle (Moone Boy), Brendan Gleeson (Edge of Tomorrow, In Bruges and loads more), Jon Kenny/Pat Short (appearances in Fr. Ted I believe) and so on.

Overall a brilliant movie that the kids absolutely adore and not a dry eye for the parents either....


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This is a great Bluray. Looks great on the big screen. I think I enjoyed the animation and movie as much as the target audience.

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