son wants a wii


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My son wanted a wii but in febuary for some reason and today hes decided he wants one now. and funny enought no one has any. any one live in the denton (manchester)area that can tghink of anywhere i can but one tried game in denton and ashton. and whsmiths in ashton and virgin in denton.

can be bothered gotin to town or stockport as its a mission. all though the wifes gogin to manchester i cant see her getting one for us as she doesnt want our 12 year old wasting his money on one the fking grinch.


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TBH, I think the second to last shopping day before christmas is a bit late to start looking for the most prized of possessions this year.

All I can suggest is that you get on the phone to all local stores and see if
a) they have any
b) they'll keep hold of it for a wii while for you.

Good Luck:thumbsup:


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bit late to start looking for the most prized of possessions this year.

Great analogy mate and just like Buzz Lightyear and the Teletubbys before the Wii, be prepared for alot of running around,barging and maybe a little fighting. Good luck on the hunt though mate!


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I know someone in Preston (not sure how far that is from you?) with one for sale. You can collect.

If you want it PM me asap and I will give you the details.



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Take him to the toilet then! :rotfl:


Get him set of golf clubs, a tennis racket, bowling ball, boxing gloves, baseball'll be able to create a very similar experience ITRW.

...quite how you magic up the ghosts and ghoulies from Zelda, I'm not so sure.

On a serious note, you could try Blockbuster as well, they have had a little stock and not many people think to try them.

Also, on ebay, do a search for wii, but limit it to within 10 miles of your postcode (option on the left hand side of the screen). Most folks will allow you to pick up, and you might get a deal not any more expensive than the petrol you could waste travelling around all day. Just a thought.

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