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Looking to book something up for 2021.
Went to Cuba earlier this year, loved it and would return, but with the demise of Thomas Cook there are no flights out of Gatwick anymore.
So on the radar are either Bali, Goa or Mauritius.
Just looking to chill in the sunshine for a couple of weeks, nothing too strenuous, bit of sightseeing and taking in the local culture, but basically want to make sure the wife is pampered.
Any suggestions or tips???
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I can't advise on Goa or Bali, but Mauritius is stunning, but aim for the west coast as it's more sheltered so you don't get the winds off the Indian ocean.

Take a look at Costa Rica too - although it's definitely a country to explore and not just sit by a pool in an all-inclusive resort. First Choice do a fabulous 2-week package with a week's fully-escorted tour (you'll see loads of the country but will go through 3-4 hotels so have a week living out of a suitcase), followed by a week in an all-inclusive resort for that bit of relaxation and pampering. The same holiday booked through TUI was only all-inclusive for the second week; so we ended up with some of the people on our tour (about 13 of us in total) who'd booked booked with TUI, having to pay for some dinners and lunches while we pay for nothing as we'd gone through First Choice. We all paid around the same price for the holiday too. Jut be careful when you go - it's a rainforest, after all - so it can be VERY wet if you go at the wrong time of year.


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Just returned back from 2 weeks in Mauritius - it was nice but I'm not sure I'd recommend it over somewhere like one of the Caribbean islands, purely for nice beaches, especially when you factor in a 12 hour flight over 8/9 to the Caribbean.

Same with Costa Rica - amazing place - however you really are going for the wildlife/rain forrest and not for the amazing beaches etc - don't get me wrong they're OK but you definitely get nicer beaches in the Caribbean.

Never been to Bali but supposed to have some amazing beaches - we went to Thailand 2 years ago and it had some lovely beaches and hotels and certainly on a 'must return' list.

Have you considered Zanzibar - Riu have just opened up a couple of hotels there with TUI and I must say they look very nice indeed!!!


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If you don't want to spend the best part of 2 days on a plane I'd put the UAE and Israel on the list. I would say the Egyptian Red Sea cost, but no idea if it's safe these days.


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Egypt is safe and they are even flying to Sharm next year.
I would recommend it.


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Somewhere exotic made me think of Amsterdam at first :)

But as you’ve qualified it...and aren’t looking for too much excitement. We’ve had a great time in Mauritius. At the time Le Toussrok and St Geran hotels were absolutely fantastic. Great beaches, great pools, awesome food, private island, excellent staff.

A little trip to the mountain and a harbour town were great in a hired car for an adventure. For the rest everything was there what we could wish for.

Apparently we had an argument when I came back from the golf course at St Geran. I can’t say I remember as I was too drunk as the beer fridge at every Tee was nicely stocked 😂


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Borneo. Walk up Mount Kinabalu. Then bus over to North East. Get a boat over to Mabul Island do a week of diving. Get a permit to dive on Sipidan Island.... Do a few days in the Jungle - big spiders. I hate spiders !

Or, if you want some fun... Northern Pakistan. Stunning place. Perhaps a little shooty now.



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Another vote for Borneo. We stayed at Rasa Ria resort and Gaya Island and both were very luxurious and very chilled. We had an amazing time. Lots of things to do in the local area too. Could also visit KL if you fancy throwing a city in.

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