Sometimes no sound when selecting HDMI


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I recently purchased a Toshiba smart TV (model 32D2863DB).

The TV itself works fine except when switching over to an HDMI port (in my case a Satellite box or external HDD recorder). What happens is that there is often no sound even though the picture is ok.

The fix is to switch back to TV and then to HDMI again, the sound is then ok. So it only happens when initially selecting HDMI - retrying solves the problem.

I am reluctant with the hassle of returning the TV for such a minor yet irritating problem, when any replacement might be the same.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any similar HDMI sound switching problems. Also I'm thinking whether it could be due to some sort of incompatibility between HDMI versions (my sat box and recorder are a few years old)
Thanks for any advice.

Timmy C

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Are you running through an amp or anything? I get this sort of problem all the time only my sources are running through multiple splitters, switches, extenders, amps etc and feeding 4 TV's. I don't think Ive ever experienced it with something plugged directly into the TV though.

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