Somethings iffy


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Hey All,
Had a weird call other day.
I'm in a rented house at the moment and it was the estate agent.
Apparently my landlord needs my tenancy agreement as they are disputing some kind of bill. They need proof of when I moved in and it has to be the original copy. They even suggested if I couldn't find it, I could sign a new one to give to them.
A week before I got the keys, I came round to look. The house had just been painted and all the heating was on. It was November and it was like the Bahamas inside.
I took pics of the meters on move in day (day after I got keys).
I also changed the utility supplier and made sure I paid for what I'm using/used..
Something about this request is bugging me. Surely that document is a legal one and belongs to me?
Anyone got any advise as I dont want to seem like an awkward tenant but I dont want to get into a massive game of pin the tail on the donkey either

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Is the estate agent offering the landlord a full service, i.e regular property checks, collection of rent, arrangements for gas safety checks etc? Or did the landlord just use the agent for an introductory service?
I only ask as I use my letting agent to look after the properties. And if I had an issue with the tenancy agreement, I would deal direct with the agent and not the tenant.

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I fail to see why the agent is asking you for it. They have a copy, that should be sufficient. I would ask the agent the reason, and say you are very worried and concerned.
In my experience, most agents are lazy and rarely do their job correctly, it sounds like they have made a balls up somewhere.
Sorry I cant be of more help, its not something I have come across personally.


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No worries, appreciate the input.
Something definitely feels sketchy with it though.
Especially asking me to essentially forge another one 3 months after i moved in.
As it feels like the explanation for the request is a lie, I get the feeling my pants may be pulled down if I comply.
I just can't see how as I have all proof of my liabilities already.
Maybe I've become too suspicious

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You should not forge another one under any circumstances. And if that is what they are asking you to do, then if you can, contact the landlord direct if you have his details.


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I'm not going to
To be honest I'm going to ignore it until they ask again. Even then I want more info

Being vague and evasive makes me more suspicious.

I really need to be allowed out of the house before I start wrapping my head in tin foil or something

Thanks mate

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