Something wrong with Wharfadale Diamonds? No reviews available...


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I was wondering if there is something really wrong with Wharfedale, because I cannot find reviews from them, specially the Diamonds... I found only one, but I'd like something in the same way you find reviews of Mission, or B&W, etc... I understand I cannot find reviews of MAgnat, which I would also like, but Wharfedale used to be very popular and have good reputation...
I have also posted here some questions looking for opinions on them, and they got very little attention.
Can anyone tell?


Wouldn't it just make sense if you listened to the speakers?

But, FYI, What Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Choice (and, for that matter, various other magazines) have reviewed the speakers & liked them.


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Of course. Sorry, I didn't want to explain the whole thing... My idea is to make a preselection of speakers that are worth an audition, and avoid then to spend my precious time with items which I will probably not like.
As I posted in some other thread, I intend to go for an audition this weekend, but it depends on many things, also the girfriend factor :)

Well, the truth is that I search only in internet (I am in Germany), so it could be these reviews are not online... Sorry, that I should take into account. I would really like to read some of those reviews, if it is possible to download them or something. Help is welcome... Thanks!


Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 Review:

I don't think the WHat Hi-Fi reviews are available for download, try the wharfedale website, there should be more reviews on there.

If it helps, I heard the speakers myself and was very impressed.


Wharfedale are about to put a new range in above the Diamond8s but below the well reviewed Evo range.


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Can you tell me where to get some info about it? Why do you say well reviewed EVO's, and nothing about the diamonds? It seems like there something wrong about them, while the evos are ok... MAybe it is only my impression.


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I've listened to the diamonds a few times,
Each time hoping i was going to love them.
but, i didn't.
IMO the build quality looks cheap, the front baffel is plastic.
the binding posts on the back are rather delicate.
and they just don't sound as good as the reputation or the company emplies.

But they are a few years old, Can be found cheap and i was comparing with much more expensive systems.

If the diamonds are in the top/middle off your budget, Have a demo, If there at the lower end of your budget dont bother,
Much much better for little extra. (even from Rsounds)


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The HiFi World summaries of their Diamond reviews are at the bottom of this page.

I completely agree with clancol on the Wharfedale build quality. Acoustic Energy and Monitor Audio are much-much-much better built.


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I've got some 8.1s and bought them on the back of the reviews when they came out (cheap enough to buy and home dem imo). They are excellent speakers if you don't need really low bass or high listening levels and only have a small to medium room. They also need good stands and benefit from being placed close to a rear wall. I tried them biwired but didn't gain any benefit in my system. The 8.2s also got good reviews but not across the board and the 8.3s did well compared to competing floorstanders but they got beat in a test against the 8.1s + stands. There's a Wharfedale reseller on ebay who offers good prices might be worth asking if they'll deliver to Germany.

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