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something to replace my sony DAVS400?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by F1F3R, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. F1F3R

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    Dec 11, 2002
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    fife scotland
    i'm looking to change my sony DAVS 400 for a better system .

    the reason for changing ,
    i bought a sony kp44px2 tv and now want to upgrade to better picture and sound from the davs 400 , which has limited connections to connect to tv ( no scart or svideo which is pathetic. ) ,

    so anything which will give me a good picture to the sony rear projection tv and av amp which will give me better sound than the davs 400 .

    i also have speakers b&w 601 with stands that i will probably be using for front L & R
    sony rear L & R , center and bass speakers , ( can be viewed at my basic website :clown: )

    only spending around 500 - 600 bucks , ( as better things to spend dosh on .... beer :) )

    ps im newbi so any advise on slightly better system will be much appreciated.

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