Something strange with my Tosh 36ZP38 Picture Frame CRT



Hi all,

First post and all that.... :boring:

I hope someone can advise on what might be wrong with my Toshiba 36ZP38 Picture Frame TV. Its about 3 years old, and over the last week the picture has started behaving strangely. I hope I can convey the description well enough.

When I first switch it on, the picture starts jumping up and down very slightly but enough to be an annoyance. Its slow at first but then speeds up resulting in a slightly fuzzy picture.

After a few minutes the jumpiness is replaced by a 'jerky' picture, in that any movement on the screen becomes jerky like a few frames of movement are displayed at once. This happens in a split second each time.

A few minutes later and it settles. It may recurr once or twice but generally its ok once it gets going. All of this happens no matter what the source is, whether it is the digibox, DVD player or straight from the analogue signal.

Any ideas what might be wrong? A local repair agent suggests it might be the 'up module', whatever that might be, but also says it would be at least £140 to replace.

Does it sound like 'DFS' or 'SCM' or summat else? Any ideas are welcome. :lease:


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Probably the DFS module.
Do a search of this forum with the model no as the search term and you should see plenty posts about this fault...there is no need to pay £ the posts.

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