something just not right ae500


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ae500 projector
when watching films
does just not seem right i be wrong as my first projector
its like there is a slight edge to peoples faces
when there is 2 or more on the screen
i have tried many many times to get rid off
but when the actor is close up eg filling the screen on there own its super clear ,i have tried dve disc and i still get the same .
what are peoples setting ???
so i can try them i know they might not work
but they might!!
i only watch screen at night so is in a dark room no light coming in apart from the proj its self

any settings please!


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not as yet
will get some done
it might just be me
or the proj shows up how bad the dvd films are
its like when i use a tv and the sharpness is up or down to much thats what it looks like
what are your setting ??


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Its called ringing mate, its an after effect of edge enhancment on the dvd disc when authored, either that or you are using s-video or composite which will also introduce a slight amount (which as you know shows up a lot on a bi screen)


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this might sound strange but it worked for me more than once!
if you are using progressive pull out all of the other video connections on the player and the projector and see if that does anything it worked on at least 2 of my earlier players(mainly cheaper chinese ones though!) the problem only occured if i used progressive and have other inputs plugged in!
if not give the pc a go i promise u wont look back!


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I have the same kind of problem. Something is not quite right with the picture.

Any advice?



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Unfortunatley it is not that simple. I have just paid £500 for a Denon 2200 and £130 for a 9m Component cable. If I sold these to buy a DVI player I would have to take a big loss which is something that I am loathe to do. I also don't really want to use a HCPC as I want something easy to setup and live with (Wife friendly). This only leaves buying some kind of scaler which are expensive to say the least. :thumbsdow

I am at a point where the picture REALLY bothers me and I am getting to the point where I don't want to use it.

If anyone can come up with a suggestion then please feel free to do so.




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Well I would not recommend a budget dvi player anyway. I couldnt get the one I bought to work right and have ended up taking a £120 loss on it.

Personally I`m going the HCPC route for best possible quality. I cant really add anything more I have not heard this highlighted as a problem previously.

Have you tried switching VNR off on the player and projector ?

Does it happen on all your DVD`s or just some ?

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