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Something inside fan???


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Hello all, I seem to have a problem. I was using the Laptop and the fan started making loud noises. I quickly held down the power button to turn it off. I turned it upside down and looked inside the fan on the bottom of the laptop with a torch and saw a little blob that looked like copper. After a bit of shaking around I THINK it fell out, but I'm not sure. There are no problems so far and the fan is working. My problem is I'm worried that if it hasn't fell out it has gone onto the motherboard and could possibly short something, or it could still be in the fan area. The thing is I leave it unattended quite a lot to download things while I'm out or something. I'm scared it could jam the fan while I'm away from it and it could overheat and catch on fire. And I've only had this laptop a few weeks, and I have extra warranty on it, so I'm not worried about it breaking, I just don't want it burning the house down while I'm away. Would taking the bottom off the have a look around and try to remove it void the warranty? Another thing that worries me is that if it was copper or something, where would it have came from? Please respond. Also, this is an Acer aspire 5551 laptop, just in-case you need that info :rolleyes:


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i wouldn't remove the bottom if it's still under warranty as you will void it

if it's alright now i wouldn't worry about it

as for burning down the house i doubt it , the laptop would have a temp sensor so if it got too hot it would just shut down

but if your worried take it back and explain the problem and see what they say

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