something different from fidelio x2/hr


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after plugging a Zen dac v2 into the pc, ive found that when listening to Tidal through the X2's, some higher notes can be a bit piercing at times. my partner thinks that the headphones lack bass when she listens.

what do people think would make a good alternative?

i always thought the x2's sounded great before i got the DAC. i was just using them for youtube, either plugged directly into the pc or the tv.


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You're use to poor sound quality. It'll take a while for your ears to adjust.

Also I believe this dac has some abilities to change filters, so look into that.


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Try to EQ down the treble area you are sensitive to. Only cost is your time


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Try to EQ down the treble area you are sensitive to. Only cost is your time
how would i do this? sorry im a bit ignorant with technology.


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Thats odd, I have them headphones with the zen dac v1. I don't find they are lacking bass or have high highs. Do you use the extra bass button on the dac?


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yes the bass boost button is on. i think the bass sounds fine myself, its my partner who finds it wanting.


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i switched the power match button off and it seems to have cured the high pitch issue for me.


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To me, bass is one of the things the x2 excels in, compared to other headphones I've either had or still have. My musical taste does tend towards the lower end though.

Seems to be mixed opinions on how far the x2 can be improved/worsened with amplification.

Some interesting reading here with similar finding to yourself and suggestion for eq

Personally think they are one of the best bang for buck purchases I've made in a long time. Agree with article regarding grey hairs though :(

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