Someone stop me buying a Sony PC105E/PC120E


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Hi All,

For some bizarre reason I have settled on a Sony PC-105E/120E

Am not sure but I think the main reason is for the Sony Brand :(

I like the size of these cameras and I want DV In/Out as I intend to do Video Editing on my PC.

Optical and Digital Zooms are not the greatest either....

I am considering the PC120E as I can get one for around 720ish Pounds and it has a greater MegaPixel rating than the 105E

Can anyone recommend a better CamCorder in the 750pounds price bracket?

I cannot justify the jump of over 250pounds for the Sony PC-330 (Or whatever it is called)

Anyone know when the PC105/PC120 CamCorders came out?

Sorry for the questions, but this is my first foray into the Digital CamCorders, I am more at home with my Digital Camera's :(



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If I were you I'd look at the Sony TRV33E which can be had for around £470 as it's being replaced. What features do your other choices have that you can't realistically do without? the 33 is a decent size as well. The 105 is really fiddly to operate, especially the zoom lever, which is too small.


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I vouch for DCR PC120E which gives excellent pictures even at very low light.£750 is just about right at the moment.In my view it is far far better than its replacement DCR PC330 which sells for more than 1000 pounds.


I bought the DCRPC105E before Christmas for £620 at AJ Electronics, in their store.

Build quality is superb, size was key factor for me.

Zoom command is NOT fiddly, it's just different to the standard one used by BIGGER camcorders.

DCRPC105E is a compact camcorder. TRV33 is NOT a compact camcorder.


It has 'megapixel CCD' capability which means it can take shots of 1 megapixel.
PC-330 can take pictures of 3 megapixel.
At this time, PC-330 was too expensive for me and I already have a Canon S30 3.2 megapixel camera.

I think that VIDEO will be the same on PC-105 and PC-330


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Wether you consider the zoom on the 105 fiddly or not and the size of that compared and the 33 too small depends on the size of your hands. I tried the 105 and found it too small and too fiddly.

Each to his own - only way to tell is by trying them.


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I took a look at the TRV33E and here's where I'm at with my requirements, I have a 3.2Megapix Camera so am not interested in taking pcitures per-se with this thing, just mainly Video.

I want something that is
- Small and compact so that it can be taken anywhere,
- DV-IN/Out for Video Editing on the PC.
- FireWire
- Analogue Video input
- the PC120 has a 1.5MegaPixel CCD (Which is good for Movies)
- Wind Noise Reduction on Mic
- FootPlate for attaching Mic/Light etc
- More than 1 CCD (Not possible on the range I am looking at)

- Can someone explain the Low-Lux?

-What is the difference between the 4.2-42mm of the PC120
in comparison to the 3.7 - 37 of the PC105? Is this the width
of the picture (ie distance from object to be in focus?)

- Also the Nightshot mode?

Thanks everyone for the comments so far, it looks like it's still the PC120 for me as it has everything I want.

--Roger (Who may order on Friday :) )


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I own an PC110 and while the miniDV image is excellent and it has pretty nifty features for a consumer camcorder. DV IN/OUT is essential IMO.

The biggest problem I found is that it is difficult to hold these small camcorders steady due to their size and lack of weight. Bigger cameras with a bit more weight lend themselves to a steadier shot. Steady-shot does help but it often makes the image grainy.

The other really annoying thing is that if you are using a tripod you have to keep taking the camcorder off the tripod to insert/eject tapes. Even if you use a quick release tripod attachment, it also has to be removed.

The buttons are small which some might find awkward and a lot of controls are lumped in to the menus instead of having individual buttons (the white balance control should *not* be in the menu IMO).

The nightshot uses infra-red (IR) to record and basically it's like looking through night vision goggles. I got bored with this gimmick pretty quick especially as people's eyes look scary!

Try and play with one if you can before parting with your hard-earned...



i would have to disagree with antibt. i had a pc120 and now a pc330 and the quality is much better on the newer model. and it records in widescreen.

and the video isnt the same on the pc105. as the 330 uses more pixels and has a bigger lens.

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