Someone recommend a headphone amp


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Hello. My father (rash man) has asked my advice on headphone amps. (He has just invested in a pair of Sennheiser 580 'phones, a steal at £80). Now I'm very happy with my own headphone amp, which is a "Solo" Mk II from Graham Slee Projects, but one of the reasons why I'm happy with it is that I bought it for only £170 new, while the only-somewhat-updated Mk III version now sells for £375. It may well be worth it, but I feel he and I should be exploring alternatives too.

So: what would people suggest as a headphone amp at (or preferably significantly less than) £400? I thought perhaps an Earmax - but would welcome any suggestions.


I have a little creek amp which cost me about £150....does the trick nicely with a pair of HD 600's. Others have complimented the MF x-series amp too.....



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I've got the Musical Fidelity X-CANS driving a pair of Sennheiser HD-600s. This sounds fantastic - the mere thought of how much I have had to spend on amps and speakers to match the quality of the headphones is quite depressing ....



I second the X-CansV2: superb sound, especially with decent cans like the 580/600's or some grados.


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The Creek and the MF headphone amps are good value,but for sheer quality,the Earmax(a single ended triode headphone amp)from the Audiophile Club ( amazing.

Another site worth visiting is Headroom,the US manufacturers of the Headroom series of headphone amps...that's all they make,and they are also superb.

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I've got the Grado ra-1 and the MS X-cans which I use with RS-1's the grado amp is clearer, but the x-cans does have a lovely valve sound which flatters poorer (pop) recordings better. I've also demo-ed hd600's with the x-cans and it's a good match.

For the money, it's certainly worth a look.


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Just bought yestarday the MF X-cans to go with the 580's. Fantastic sound, you will not go wrong for this side of £150.00

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