someone else on this ps5 is already using the account you entered


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Hope someone can advise on the titled issue.

Tried playing Plants v Zombies on (PS4 game on PS5), but I need to log in to the PSN.

Tried logging in and keep getting the message 'someone else on this ps5 is already using the account you entered'

Really don't understand what this means as from what I can tell I am the only person on my PS5 - there are two profiles, one for me one for my daughter.

Appears I can log on via Chromebook, and after resetting passwords a couple of times can now log in on phone.

Using the app to log in gets me a bit further when I scan the QR code it now shows my avatar on the PS5 and this you (or something), I confirm and then it tells me again 'someone else on this PS5 is already using the account you entered'

Run out of ideas, and can;t seem to get a line of communication with Playstation support.

I don;t think I;ve ever created a Playstation account before (maybe for our PS3, but the username is now unique).

Not sure if have done something wrong in the first place.

All I know is I can;t log in to PSN

Help please!


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Are you selecting your already registered profile on the login screen, or trying to actually add another account? If you've already setup the profile, then trying to set it up again would probably generate the error that you're getting.

Other issue could be that you have somehow associated your PS+ (Playstation Plus) account with your daughters account and the PS5 has got confused.

This guide might give you some ideas.

Another option is to try booting your PS5 into Safe Mode to access the troubleshooting options.

You can
  • clear the cache and rebuild the database (Option 5), which can fix a variety of weirdness and doesn't (usually) delete any user accounts.
  • default reset (Option 4), which keeps downloaded games and other data, but will remove (delete) user accounts.
  • full reset (Option 6 or 7) which wipes everthing and resets the PS5 back to the out-of-the-box factory settings.
You may want to backup your games and/or account data to an external USB drive prior to doing any kind of reset (Options 4, 6 or 7).

Make sure you take your time to read the above guides and think about what you're about to do before doing anything.

If you don't have a PS+ account and have your game saves / progress / tropheys backed up in the Playstation Cloud or to a USB drive then they will be lost if you reset your PS5.



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@greenline - I don't really know! I've been away from gaming for a long time (before the days of online play and accounts and the like), and not too sure.
When I got the PS5, I think a created a brand new account, but I guess there is a slight chance I used the same email when I tried to download something to the PS3 a couple of years ago?!?
The thing is, it appears I can log in on my laptop and phone, but not on the PS5.

@MarcoDB - I'm on the main page which has the GAMES/MEDIA/SEARCH/SETTINGS tabs along the top.
Enter Sign-In ID Email Address (the same as what logs me in on laptop/phone)
enter Password (the same as what logs me in on laptop/phone)

'Someone else on this PS5 is already using the account you entered.'

trying to sign in using the QR code brings up my avatar on the PS5 with 'Is this you'
press 'Sign In', and 'Someone else on this PS5 is already using the account you entered.'



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ARGH...ok, sorted.
I was in my daughter's profile when trying to log in to the actual account!
Logged out of her profile and into mine, now it lets me in.

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