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Someone attempting ID Fraud - but how?


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So, a few days ago, I got a number of letters in the post. Well, someone with a very similar name to me did but at our address. One was a letter containing a credit card, one was a failed credit card application and one was for a phone contract direct debit confirmation. I have not recently applied for any new forms of credit or finance. Now the address on all the letters was pretty much correct but the name was different. One letter was different but it forms another valid name. As my name isn't that common, I won't be posting it but similar to Jay and Joy - just without the gender change!

I called all the companies and let them know so they have can blocked the accounts and follow it up as required. No money has been taken from my bank accounts or cards. Have also done a credit report and nothing odd there.

The real odd one is the phone contract letter - it had the right address, the slightly different name but the bank account details belonged to my Mom, who lives at the same address. We checked her internet banking and sure enough, he bank had allowed the Direct Debit to be setup! Cancelled that straight away. Will be calling them today to see how on earth they let that through.

My main question is, how are they doing this? Surely credit checks should have an exact match for name?


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Hmmm, someone attempted to to get access to my telephone banking yesterday. Guessed the first part of my security correctly but failed the second. My bank then suspended my account .... I found out when trying to log on later in the day.

It makes me wonder with all the recent hacking of accounts, talk talk, vtech, Virgin media etc etc that someone may be looking to exploit this at the busiest time of the year!

Stay vigilant with your accounts over Christmas!!


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Be careful here! If someone could set up one DD, presumably online using a valid ID, then they could set up another. Keep checking.


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Don't worry about it.



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Be careful here! If someone could set up one DD, presumably online using a valid ID, then they could set up another. Keep checking.

Yep - on the constant lookout for now.

@qwerty321 what name did they use: @Qwerty123 @qwerty123456789 or asdfg123?



I suppose Qwerty123 would be a good match in this sense. :D

Anything that you can share with the rest of us ? :thumbsup:


I will add this bit that @Beany31 advised me:
I recommend going on cifas.org.uk and register a protective registration and also keep an eye on your credit file. Banks etc will have no issue getting things removed from your credit file.

I didn't realise this existed but one of the companies said they added me on there so it is flagged up for any other credit applications.


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Anything that you can share with the rest of us ? :thumbsup:

To be honest yeah.

What I said was fraudsters can have basic info such as name / dob and your address. This is usually enough information to make credit applications, with a lot of solely online companies these days they can electronically verify you and therefore you will not need to provide a form of ID because you have satisfied the criteria with information you've given.

It's not difficult for someone to use your current address - as they will know it - and use it as their previous address on the application and all the cards and pins will be sent to the address where they want, ending up with you not knowing about the account until you get debt collection letters.

It can be sorted easily by going to the bank or credit company directly and dispute the account or via experian.

I recommend keeping an eye on your credit file but also going on cifas.org.uk where you can register a protective registration. What this does is compares applications made in your name against what you give cifas, if it differs then the account shouldn't get opened but it won't stop it leaving a credit search on your file, you'll need to go to the bank direct.

Hope this helps

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