Guest you have decided to come in :p

Anyway...ill keep it short and sweet, hunting for a home cinema package is driving me insane, and I need your help:lease: :lease: :lease: . Iv searched the forums, read every page, and Im still no further forward.

I have a 32"lcd samsumg tv, xbox 360, Virgin HD and a panasonic dvd recorder. One day if required, I will be purchasing the xbox hd player, so dount there will ever be more than one hdmi ever used on the tv.

Now budget wise, £250 tops, and I really just want someone to say, thats the best for your requirements, so get it. Pix Mania and Empire seem to have the best selection, mainly....

Sony HTSS1000, Sony HTDDw780, Yamaha AV3009 and some denon package for £250.

The first system, doubt ill need two hdmi switches which makes me wonder if its worth buying, as that surely is the main selling point for this system baring in mind the price. HTDDW780 does look best for my requirements along with the Yamaha. Can YOU...yes YOU reading this thread, please just respond and say______________ and Ill promise never to post on these forums again :) Alternatively, suggest another one i may have not spotted on my manh hrs searching every electrical shop i have traced down.

Thanks in advance


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Seeing as I have the predecessor and love it, im with Decadent Fool on this one. :smashin:


Cheers for the advice. To make u understand, I was a little drunk when writing, but when i said no further forward, it wasnt due to the lack of information on the forums, it was more due to the fact I have no previous knowledge of AV systems. Each system I looked at, I had previously researched, but there appeared to be flaws (HTSS1000 sound etc) which put me off, or no previous post on the system to go on. Hopefully.....this system you have recommended, will be the one for me though :) thanks again..

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