Some W900 Questions


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Stay with me here... :)

A collegue at work doesnt like her 2 week old W900 so is thinking of selling it to buy a D600.

I currently have a K750i which, when working, I like and am happy with as a phone and camera.

I have a 4GB iPod mini and was thinking about getting something new as the battery isnt what it used to be and I'm bascially bored of it.

My original dilemma was that I dunno weather to get a larger capacity player (I'm set on a 20 or 30GB Cowon iAudio X5L if I go this route) or just got for another smaller capacity one as I'm quite selective in what I listen too anyway (cant decide on anything of this type yet, except not a Nano).

So anyway, this potential W900 comes up and gets me thinking... I could sell my iPod and K750i and buy this lovely new W900. I'm just not sure if I want to have my phone as my dedicated mp3 player as I do really use my current player a lot. I kind of like the idea of only having 1 device though.

Which leads me to my questions for any W900 users, or anyone who has used the phone long enough to have a good idea of what it's like:

1. How does it rate as an mp3 player? K750 doesnt cut it for me as the interface is very poor and the controls are too fiddly. No remote either.

2. What is the battery life like when using as mp3 player & phone? Both my iPod and K750 see a lot of use throughout the day so battery life is important for me.

3. Can I de-brand the phone as it's currently on Voda and I'm on O2. Would it just be as simple as a firmware reflash to get it back to stock SE? I already know I'll have to unlock it but that's no problem.

4. If the above is possible will I loose anything other than the 3G features? Also, will there then be anyway to take advantage of any O2 features I couldnt on my K750? I think that contradicts itself actually....

5. Realistically, how much would be a good price to pay for this? As I said it's about 2 weeks old and looks to be in mint condition with all the packaging and accessories. She said her boyfriend sold his for £200.




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Nevermind... after spending today looking at lots of online reviews and such, I've decided to keep my K750 and buy a 20GB Cowon iAudio X5L at the end of next week.

Mods - Feels free to delete this thread if you want.



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