Some TiVo concerns...



Am considering getting TiVo, but I have a number of concerns, which are as follows:

1) I notice Currys / Dixons no longer sell TiVo, and although the TiVo website states its future is okay, I would like to see what you guys think. Is there much in way of a long term future for TiVo?

2) I will mainly be using it to record certain programs on a regulars basis of Sky. i.e. Buffy, Alias, Stargate etc. as I am often not in when they are on. I have heard that TiVo isn't that reliable for this sort of thing. Is this true?

3) Kinda related to (1), but is there going to be ongoing software support for TiVo?



for your first point have a look at the tivo community

its uk and they dicuss this topic to death.

your second point i've had no problems recording season passes for stargate, enterprise, and lots of other $ky one series.

One point to note however, you sometimes get more that you asked for. This is the listing providers fault rather than tivo. it doesn't know some of the episodes are repeats. Mostly its accurate. Its best to record more than less !!. If you have suggestions turned on it may also record other channels episodes too.

so for stargate you would get...

8pm wednesdays for the new season on sky one.
the repeat of the earlier season on sky one (whenever that is)
and you may get (say) channel 4 showing an older season if they do it.

Also, if you season pass clashes with a higher prioirty season pass it will attempt to llok for a repeat and record that one instead.

eg fat friends (I think) clashed with x-files, fat friends is repeated so we gave x-files a higher priority. Thursday night x-files get recorded. MOnday night the fat-friends repeat gets recorded.

the only down side to this is try to make sure that any program that is on the BBC you record first. The second showing invariably has a person signing at the side and its very distracting.


I also recommend checking the ToDo list regularly. My SP for Bargain hunt also picks up the hour delayed transmission quite often. It misses the BBC1 transmission on at 12:00noon on mondays and thursdays for some reason!



Okay, thanks for that. It pretty much covers all my concerns, so it looks like it is going to be very worth while getting one...

Cheers... :)

Bone Daddy

Active Member
Best thing you`ll buy for ages Janmars,you won`t be disapointed :D


Originally posted by Bone Daddy
Best thing you`ll buy for ages Janmars,you won`t be disapointed :D

Not the best thing for ages, but the BEST thing ever!:D

TiVo is here to stay and with units being sold for as low as £150 its a must have.
Don't think about it - Get it:)

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