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Hello folks,
I am wondering if a knowledgeable member might be able to provide an answer to my problem please.

My setup with regard to the TV is, I have a Sky Q box in the lounge and a mini box in each of two bedrooms. On Friday I completely lost the connections to the mini boxes and, whatever I tried I couldn't get them to work. In the end I gave in and phoned Sky on Saturday morning and was on the phone to them for 1 1/2 hours without any success. The call handler tried absolutely everything available to him including trying to update to the latest software. I was flitting from one set to the other and all that I gained was to guarantee that I got my daily steps total in :laugh:

Anyway, the final outcome was to arrange for an engineer to call but, he won't be knocking my door for over a week!!

last night I decided to give it all another go as I don't want to be missing out on my snooker and watching my team trying to avoid relegation today.

The first thing that I looked at was the router and, I have two ethernet cables coming out of the back, one of them goes to my computer and the other one goes directly to the TV. The first thought that came to mind was to change the one that went to the TV and connect it directly to the Q box. It was whilst changing these cables over that I spotted that one of the outlets had two green LED's flashing and the other had one green and one amber which I thought was odd but which really didn't mean anything to me. When I swapped the cables over, the amber light moved with the cable and so I thought perhaps the cable was faulty. Anyway, by this time it was a bit late and so I decided to leave it until today.

This morning, when I looked at the rear of the router, all of the LED's were flashing green (the amber light was no longer evident) and so I decided to go through the process of updating the Q system software and it is all working perfectly again on all of the TV's.

I am going to leave things as they are at the moment and not cancel the engineers visit, just in case it goes wrong again.

The problem seem to revolve around the amber light that was showing. Does anyone know what that relates to and why it would have corrected itself. Is there a possibility of a fault with the router that might surface again?

Everything was working perfectly up until Friday, with the Q Box working purely by Wi-Fi and the Ethernet cable form the router going direct to the TV. My final question is, is it better to hardwire the Q Box to the router and if it is, do I need an additional ethernet cable to be connected to the TV?

Many thanks and, when you're not reading stuff like this, enjoy the lovely sunshine we're getting.

The Limey

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tom 2000

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I am not too sure what the questions are.
The colour of LED can indicate speed capacity between devices.
It is better to hardwire devices rather than rely on WiFi. If you use the cable currently serving the tv than another is needed. A network switch might increase capacity if that is a problem for you. Ideally you should wire your minis also. It makes for a very robust system.
I networked my own house myself despite having no previous experience. YouTube is your friend.

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