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Some Speaker Cable Questions

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by garrad, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. garrad


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    Ok I live in a rented house and i'm moving this weekend. So I want to connect up my 7.1 hifi next week.

    I have some thick 72strand generic OFC cable which cost me around £1 a metre. Now I did a botch job putting it all up so I want to get something good and do it properly this time.

    Now my first requirement is that I have to be able to take the cable with me when I move. It's a rented house and I plan to be here for 3 years, but it could be less so I want something I can place down and take up.

    Second requirement is that I have 4 speakers at the rear so I need to run cable back.

    What I was concidering was the following:

    QED Qontour Incognito 40metres to run 4 cables to the back. This is the flat cable and can run under the carpet, so it would be great to put down. The only problem with this is that I would have to lit the carpet up and since its rented I don't really want to do this.
    Also get some QED original to run the front 3 speakers.
    (All my speakers are KEF Egg Mk1.)

    Now the next thing I was thinking is that I don't really want to lift the carpet so I would get something like QED Micro and run it round the doors on the wall.

    Any other ideas?

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