Some Sky+ questions


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i am thinking about getting Sky+ but have some questions before i decide to or not.

Would it be better getting Sky+, a DVD recorder or maybe another harddrive recorder bearing in mind i dont intend to archive stuff but there may be something i do want to archive in the future sometime.

Going back to the last question can i archive Sky+ recordings? Maybe onto a PC then burn it to DVD or something?

Whats the quality of recordings like?

Can u record 2 channels and watch a 3rd yet?

I have a Panny PTAE100 so how would that connect up to a Sky+ box, S-Video or Component maybe?

I have heard some people saying Sky+ is bad but havnt actually seen why they say it, what are these downfalls?

As im already a Sky subscriper would i just pay £199 for the box and then £10 a month/free with the world package or is there some other charges?

And lastly does anyone have a PDF manual for it?

Thanks for all ur time :)


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oh and another question can u add bookmarks?

i watch soccer am and some bits i wanna show my mates and winding though 3 hours of tape does my head in :)

Greg Hook

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I am getting Sky+ fitted on Saturday, but can answer some of your questions.

I am pretty sure you can archive Sky+ recordings. If you do a quick search on these forums, I think there are many threads about this.

You can record two channels and watch a previously recorded third item, but the Sky+ is only getting two feeds, so It is not possible to record two Sky channels and watch another live one.

I wasn't aware the Sky+ box had component, I am planning on connecting to my AE100 by S-video.

Sky+ is £199 plus £1 standard installation when you book online.
See here:

If you already subscribe to two of the premium packages (i.e Sky Sports 1 & 2) then the £10 fee is waived.

Pdf manual for pace box:



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I have had Sky + for 3 months.

I have the V2 so can only comment on this -

Video output is via Rgb Scart or SVHS (no component)

Picture quality is excellent and all recordings are as original quality. No degradation. Some may differ

It's a twin digital tuner - so only 2 channels can be viewed/recorded at once.

Only gripes are the occasional box lock ups (rare - maybe 3)and the odd program not recording(maybe 3) - mainly due to Coronation street overrunning with the missus.

Just switched the box on/off and it's okay after

Main pluses are ease of use. Once you have it you will not go back.

As for your archiving. all programs are stored and named in the tv planner screen. that's it. Name date channel etc.

To archive you can save externally too, via rgb scart or svhs i believe but have never used it.

Therefore if you have a Pc with a SVHS TV in/out graphics card you can save to Pc hard drive and then burn to Dvd - cheapest option

you could connect an external dvd recorder but at greater expense and the technology is still changing dramatically.

Don't quote me but can you get a Rgb Scartlead to RGB components cable that is better than SVHS?? Then connect the SVHS output to the Pc for archiving when required


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Yes i believe you can bookmark but i have never used this.

To be honest the fast forward is from x1 to x30 and flies really quick. You also see the picture

This is excellent, adverts are forwarded immediately in seconds and searching is a breeze.


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Thanks guys them answers help alot.

Im gonna order online (cause its cheaper) later on this week and looking at the webpage its gonna take 6 weeks for them to come out and install it :(

Im gonna go for this package
Sky+ & relocate existing digibox
Product cost: £199.00
Standard installation: £1.00
Other Subscription(s): £20.00 per month

that sounds good to me and it will only be an extra £10 a month for the extra box because i have the SS package.

Im just gonna have to look into archiving because there may be odds things i wanna save. I think that VHS way u mentioned is easiest but it will be bad quality playback for me. So ill have to look into the PC/DVD route for the best quality

GregHook ur gonna have to let me know how it all looks with the panny after u get it set-up. At the moment im using S-Video and a Pro-V so i dont think there will be much change for me although there will be a massive difference when watching things back becuase my VHS is running through composite :)

Thanks again for ur answers


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oh yeah another question, My Box is on the opposite side on the room to my tv so will they provide the 6 metre scart lead?

Greg Hook

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I doubt very much that they will provide a 6mtr scart lead. You may find a lucky installer who helps you out but I seriously think not.

I think it is pot luck whether you get a V1 or V2 box. If you do a search on these forums it will bring up loads of threads on the V2 box and its new features.



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if you are going for the £199 install not the £99 refurbished install it would surely be a V2

Else it may be a V1 but more likely a V2, as V1 stocks run low

Hope this helps

For your 6 m lead you will probably need to get a 10m length as they are usually 5m or 10m at this size

Try -

They have various 10m scarts anything up to £40 for this length depending on quality

Or Better still try the cables forum on Av forums


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More questions for u guys ;)

If i want to record something in the night and i put the sky+ box into standy will it turn on itself to record the program? and will it turn off after its finished?

and using when using the copy function to put ur proggys onto tape can u just record certain parts?
Again going back to Soccer Am i wanna make a tape of just showboats and and wondered if its possable. Or can u playback a recording then tape it without using the copy function?


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It records the program while it is in standby. No need to leave it on.
Would highly recommend it. I've had mine for 3 months now & would be lost without it. It's so easy to use



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well im a happy chappy

Sky rang this morning and said they could install Sky+ today if i wanted too :)

So instead of 7 weeks i have waited 4 days :)

General Panic

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Originally posted by MrCoopz
oh and another question can u add bookmarks?

i watch soccer am and some bits i wanna show my mates and winding though 3 hours of tape does my head in :)

Had Sky + a week now and it's brill. I have mine hooked up to A Toshiba DVD recorder and backing up from Sky box to machine is dead easy.
If playing back from the Sky+ HD you can pause the action at any time then press the red button which will leave a bookmark. To skip between bookmarks you just hold the forward or rewind button down for a couple seconds and voila. Easy peasy.


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