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Dec 30, 2003
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Hi folks,

Just moved to a new house after a while being out of the country so am sort of starting up again from scratch:(. I used to have a very lovely SVS PB12/Plus 2 amongst other things in a dedicated HC room, but am now in rented accommodation and am clambering to get some kit together to start watching my movie collection again.

I am about to conclude (I hope:)) on 4 x SBS surrounds on these very forums, and also I currently still have (which will be a hopeless mismatch I am sure, certainly aesthetically:rolleyes:) a B&W HTM2, which I should really just sell on. I also have a Denon 2309 AV amp.

So my simple question here is as follows: 1. What sub would you guys recommend with the above combination? I think the answer has to be to sell the centre, buy a SCS centre, and an SVS PB-12 sub, but as it is a bit pointless to answer my own question:D, how would a monolith complement the SBS combo?

Thank you in advance:hiya:
Pretty much any sub will go with any system, its just a case of picking the one you want. I think the Monolith would be slightly better musically, certainly if you wanted to use the high level connection, and theres probably very little in it for movies. My own personal feeling would probably lean towards the Monolith but it really is a tough call.

As for the centre, definitely get a matching one for whatever speaker you decide on getting. Certainly the SVSs are amazing for the money. According to one SVS owner though (and he really likes the SVS's) the XTZ wmt's are slightly better still, and IMO they are certainly better looking. It would come down to what sound you preferred though, the SVS are a little more laid back which with a Denon could end up sounding a bit dull, but the XTZ's a little more forward, which given the Denon could add a little sparkle to the system that could be missing with the SVS setup.

The choice really is yours. If you near Birmingham the member I was referring to is probably more than happy to give you a side by demo, and as an added bonus he runs a Denon amp :smashin:. If you could get there for a demo and are interested let me know and I'll drop him a PM on your behalf.

Now that is a very tempting proposition, although sadly I'm not going to be near Birmingham anytime soon. That sadness is compounded even more by the fact that until about 6 months ago I lived and worked close to there every year since 1982 (which ages me a bit:().

I think for the money I just may well go for a Monolith - I think for that sort of money you can't surely go wrong - so it is off to the BK website I go. I don't need to hear one really, although it would have been nice - I believe what you guys tell me, I really do, and so thank you:thumbsup:.

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