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Some random newbie questions...


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Hi All

Just have a few questions;

1 - I have a pair of Mission 733's floorstanders which I think are from the 90's. I guess what I really want to know is; has speaker technology moved forward since the 90's, or indeed since the 70's? I know technology for EVERYTHING else moves at an incredible rate but have speakers remained the same?? The reason I ask is because I was wondering whether to upgrade them. Would a new set of speakers at a comparable RRP be any better??

2 - Does a sub have to face the listening position? I'm just wondering were to position my new sub, I'm limited on space, I had the perfect spot for it but just realised that it won't fit!

3 - Do subs use any special kind of cable or can you just a simple mono or Y phono cable??

I realise that the 2 above questions could do with been thrown in the Sub forum but I thought it be best to post them here as I had a general speaker question too!!

Thanks in advance.
my understanding is that speaker technology
has not moved greatly
as say amps with all the new sound formats
and the older missions are held in higher regard than the recent models
a simple mono cable will do
place the sub anywhere that sound good , trial and error:thumbsup:

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