Some random movie title questions


Hi, I have some movies in my mind and cannot remember the title. These two movies totally random which I saw on TV many years ago.

They are like 70s~90s movie

1. Some kind of bodyguarding movie... not exactly sure
The girl is white, short, and very cute. I remember a scene near a dock or a container, where the main character have a gun fight right outside, and after the fight they go to the bed and make love..... typical
The girl's name was somewhat Japanese, though she looks white. I believe her name started with 'N'. not sure if it was the first or the last name.
When I searched her back when I saw the movie in 2000s, she was already in her 40's, she gained a lot of weight and tried to be funny in front of camera.

2. The main character looks like the actor of Macgyver.
The scene I remember is two person was in intense situation in which one was commanding to call himself " 'THE' butcher". I think this was in a office of a casino building.
I remember a scene in which the villain(weak and old), his secretary, and the main character all hoped into a helicopter. Feeling trapped in the corner, the villain blames his secretary for everything and kicks him out of flying helicopter and laughs at him.

Just two random movies that often comes into my mind for re visitation.

If anyone has any idea about these movies, please tell me.

Thank you.

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