Some Questions regarding Minolta z1



I have a minolta z1 with a fuji 256 SD card and a SD card reader.

The first question i have is, is thier anyway of getting movies from my pc (that i put on to the sd card), and be able to view them back on the z1? Like is thier anysofware thats puts .mov files back in to z1 format?

Also, when is this audio sync update going to be avaliable, and how will it take form? like software that sorts it out etc?


ANYONE? PLease Help Me:confused:



imho, we will be lucky to get a f/ware upgrade to sort out the movie sync. problem. most forums suggest this is no problem at all with the super fast (more expensive) sd memory cards.
a memory card is treated just like a fdd/hdd for storing any files on it, so if the file size fits, it will go on it, just copy `n paste or drag `n drop etc., your camera must be able to read the file type and resolution.


For my Dimage 7 you need to download any firmware updates to your PC and then copy them onto your memory card. You then insert the card in the camera and follow a sequence to power on that loads the software off the card and onto the camera. Your instructions will give the details. As to if/when it will be available - nobody seems to have a clue.
To do the above you will need a card reader that is also a writer - many are just readers and therefore you will not be able to write to a card from the PC, but you can also do it by connecting the camera directly to the PC via the supplied leads.


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