Some questions regarding Image quality on Phiilips 32PW6515 (I think!)


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Hi peeps.
I have a 5 year old PW6515 (pretty sure it is, was £1000)..anyway...i am going to replace it soon with Panny Plasma, as I think teh Green gun is going (diagonal green lines visible on dark images).

However...what I want to know is, I run Sky SD through it currently, via Scart.
When viewing images close up, I can see almost shadows, particularily with text (in setup screen for example) this likely to be down to my Scart lead?
They are freebie jobbies, so i dont expect much from them...have some IXOS ones en route as we speak...but, just wanted to see if anyone knew anything or could suggest something?

Kind regards



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The green lines sound more like an interference issue - green gun failing would give a shortage of green and a magenta hue to things.

It sounds to me more like interference with green on your RGB Scart. Try swapping for a new lead.


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Cheers for that.
Put new Scart on today...seems to have cleared up my fuzzy picture on EXT2 Sky...Green lines still there...even on SVHS3 where I am running my DVD to.
Spoke to a TV guy today, who said that this is common in these sets and some others that use a Philips tube...I dont suppose it helps that my son likes to slap the TV around a bit from time to time (yes, he gets told off, but he is only 18 months!)....oh well....Plasma here I come!
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