some questions re: LG Nano LED TVs

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depending on the answers to the following I think I'm going to hang fire for now on my TV purchase (currently living with 15" CRT!!) and wait for Nano LED technology to launch in the UK. however can you tell me:

1. when is LG planning to launch its Nano range in the UK?
2. at launch, how much is the 42" likely to cost?
3. based on what you know, will Nano technology completely eliminate things like haloing?
4. I'm not that interested in 3D at present but is it likely the LG Nano range will all be 3D ready whether I want 3D or not?
5. what are the main advantages of Nano over current LED and plasma technologies?
6. what are the main disadvantages of Nano over current LED and plasma technologies?
7. I am able to be patient, if I wait a further 4-6 months after launch are prices likely to drop slightly or might they remain same as launch depending on uptake?
8. is Nano a true successor to standard LED or just another gimmick that might not actually result in a viewing experience that is much better?

cheers :thumbsup:

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