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Hi guys,

I think I'm about to take the plunge and finally get a HD box for my Samsung M86 40" tv. But before I do, can any of you help me out with these questions?

1) where is the best place to buy? I see on ebay, what looks like reputable sellers are selling for about £250, and the sky website is offering a box and installation for £310. Im happy to fit myself as I have Sky+ and as I understand it, will just need to replicate the connections. Is it worth paying the extra and definately having warranty with sky, or is it safe to buy from ebay and will I have sky warranty?

2) Looking at ebay, they list the latest box as Thompson DSI8215, is this correct? If I buy from sky will I definately get the latest box?

3) How reliable are HD boxes? I remember when I first got Sky +, the hardware quality was awful and i went thru a few boxes before i got a good one. Is it a similar situation with HD boxes?

4) I currently use a Sky magic eye for the bedroom tv, I assume HD boxes still have this capability?

5) I watch a lot of football, on my 40" tv, will I be blown away by the increased picture quality?

6) and finally, is it possible to buy from sky without buying the installation?

Many thanks, and if you have any other advice for me, feel free to comment!!!

Cheers! :thumbsup:


Normal Sky price is 280, but they often have offers way below that.
The receivers change very little; the latest has dropped the component sockets.
Mine's been fine for more than six months.
There's nothing that could affect the magic eye.
I watch almost no football but when it's in HD, which it often isn't, it looks brilliant; the sound is even better.
Installation is only 30 so might as well have it, but you probably could get it without.


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I am also in the same situation as my sky+ box has just died and wont switch on. I am planning to buy sky hd. Called up sky and they are offering me sky hd for £309 (including installation). I told them that I dont need installation as I can do this myself. They said that they dont sell it without installation and moreover sky warrantly wont be valid without their engineer's installation.

Sky's offering the box for £249 if I take broadband and sky talk as well.

Next option is to buy it from ebay but then I wont get the warranty.
I found this site which are offering sky hd box for £249 with their warranty for 1 year

But this warranty doesnt include the callout charges.

Does anyone know any site where sky hd box is being sold at cheaper rate but with warranty. thanks



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Right, while I DO NOT work in the sales department, as far as I can make out from documentation we've been given the standard price, not conditional on taking any other service, is now £249. if you take Talk and broadband or Multiroom you'll get £50 off that price. Installation (assuming you're a new customer) is £30 for a mon-fri install and £60 for a weekend. Install for existing customers is £60 no matter what. (Which, i personally, find an absolute disgrace for a straight swap)
You MIGHT get £50 off the price by going online.

If you buy the box from anywhere other than Sky then while Sky can help with troubleshooting and indentifying faults your warranty runs with the person you bought the box from. In these situatiosn they may want to send your box away for repair or even try to wash their hands of you completely. Sky only provide warranty cover for boxes bought direct.

HD boxes do have the magic eye capability, but of course the picture to the other TV won't be in HD.

Sky WILL NOT sell the box without a Sky engineer installing as far as I'm aware.


This isn't the first instance of telephone sellers saying one thing and the web site another, and Trading Standards ought to investigate it.
There's even a case of a web page saying one thing at the top and another at the bottom in small faint type.

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