Some questions about my TV setup

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Tony Williams, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Tony Williams

    Tony Williams

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    Right guys CURRENTLY I have these;

    LG RZ-32LZ55, TV
    Sky Digibox connected via SCART
    PSTwo connected via composite-to-SCART

    The TV has the following inputs

    side panel; -
    Component (RBG - PR PB Y)
    Audio L & R

    back; -
    DVI Input
    PC Sound - 3.5 mm jack
    2x SCART
    ANT in (analgoe ariel)

    (no HDMI :thumbsdow)

    Also note this TV is HD (720p)

    Right first question is, I am using the standed composite-to-SCART that I got with the PSTwo and the quilty isn't too great, small text isn't easy to read and it's a little blurry would it be wise to use component insted (since that can carry HD? - I know the PSTwo isn't HD but will I see better?)

    Second I am planning on soon getting an Xbox 360 and this'll use component-HD my TV just has the one set of component and I don't think it'll be fun switching and swapping them all around all the time. As for the DVI/3.5mm they'll be used up on a HTPC when I get it back.

    I know it's not much at the moment but it'll kinda look like this diagram:


    I don't really know what a receiver does or how it would work, all I know is it hooks everything up to speakers, or something like that? Could I use one and hook my htpc, sky box, pstwo, xbox 360 to the tv and a pair of speakers, well maybe a 5.1 set?

    Can someone do a diagram of how it would all wire up? :lease: and I think I could have speakers too (cheap ones - student, no job)

    Tony Williams

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    If you want to add an extra component input to allow you to connect both consoles at the same time you could try one of these - a JS Technology component switcher. I used to have the scart equivalent and it was excellent piece of kit - great customer support too. Not cheap, but probably cheaper than buying a receiver

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