Some Q's about Panasonic DMR-HS2


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I read somewhere that when you record a movie on HD, and you edit out the commercials afterwards before you write it to DVD-R, you would end up with two (or more depending on how much pieces you've edited out) "titles"(whatever those may be) on your DVD-R, so the movie would not be in one piece.
That same article also said that copying to DVD-R takes as long as the material you're copying is (two hour movie takes two hours to put on a DVD-R), again after you edited stuff out.
Is this true?



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If you use partial erase on the HDD, the movie will still be one 'program' on the HDD. Therefore when you transfer to DVD-R it will still be one program.

I believe HDD to DVD-R is always real time transfer, fast dubbing can be done HDD to DVD-RAM and vice-versa if you keep the same recording mode.



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I am considering buying on of these. Can someone please confirm that:

1) You can record from a RGB source (eg digibox) from the scart.

2) Any input (s-video, composite) fed to the recorder can be "routed" through and outputed RGB to the scart.


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