Some problems I could do with help on.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by AudioSlim, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Hi All, I'm fairly new to playing movies and the like via MCE/PC (not to computers though) and have a few issues.

    First of all my spec is a P4 2.6 HT 800mhz with 1.5 gig of Dual Channel Ram and a 6800GT.

    The problems I've got are that although I've got MP Classic installed, and also WinAmp and even Nero Showtime I'm having problems either getting some AVI's to play withthout bad stuttering.
    I can play 720/1080i .ts files without an issue in MP Classic but the version of saving private ryan and narnia both stutter like hell in Classic or dont play at all in say winamp.

    I've got ffdshow installed but dont see anything other than it listed in the codecs.

    All the stuff is 720p material, just I have a problem with the AVI's (one of which is certainly an xvid). I'm also not sure what xvid/divx codecs are installed.

    I could do with a sure fire set of instructions to cover me in terms of which codecs to pick up and also if any config is needed to get them in as default etc, or any other general advice you can give.
    I'm also not to hot with MCE at the moment, nothing other than basic MCE installed although playing DVD's via MCE seems fine etc.
    It also might be a case of a little too much work for the P4 2.6 but I would have thought it could have just about managed the job.



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