Some pictures of your recent purchases


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I have asked the powers that be. It's possible the option was somehow removed in a recent forum update, or there's a bug, or someone was posting dick pics and the option was removed.

That's a shame as I only wanted to post dick pics there.

Fairly priceless zero

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Every few months I add to my collection of GB/GBC games....


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ordered this got joycon drift again shocking the build quality for £70 also the joycons just pop off the rails without pressing the button on the back so hopefully this kit with the metal catches should fix that(hopefully )


....another digital purchase from me:


A change of pace from all the shoot 'em ups and driving games (which get a little tedious sometimes) which I have...!!


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You bought a plane?! I think that might win most expensive purchase in here that I’ve seen :)
My first a/c purchase. Went by train up to Scarborough where its considerate elderly owner made me test fly around the airfield before taking my money. Had it for two years then upgraded to a higher powered 172J. that could get in and out of very small airstrips.


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