Some people shouldn't be allowed out


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So there I was in a the right hand lane of a queue of traffic just having left Asda.
"Oh" me thinks "That can't be right".
It wasn't. A car further up in the left hand lane had smoke coming out from underneath as it drove along. It also had smoke coming out from the top of the bonnet.
Not a wisp but enough to be easily visible 30 metres away.
Yes, that's right.
As it happened as traffic moved I ended up next to this car, opened my window and said to the guy who was happily sittign there "Err.... I saw a car with smoke coming out from the bonnet once before, it caught fire".
"Oh" he says, making it clear he hadn't associated smoke with fire.
He stops the car, gets out and gets his phone out.
Just ahead is a ring road with a speed limit of 70 and it could have burst in flames with him in it at full speed and a lot of traffic around him.

The best bit - it was a driving school car and he was an instructor! :mad: :suicide:
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