Some opinion about Arcam AVR 300 vs Elite 56txi


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There is an interesting discussion on AVR300 and Elite 56 txi at the following link.

I am very sad to read such a kind of review about AVR300. Do I need to change my decision about buying AVR300? :oops:

By the way %30 of the discussion is not related with the ARCAM and Pioneer more politics.


Whattodo, dont worry too much about some of these threads, after all its all personal taste. Used objectively they can offer advice second to none but they can also confuse and delay buying. Next step is to get a listen of the kit you want and make your own choice. Enough people own each of the makes to feel 'accepted'. I know you were looking at the Denon and Arcam and I would not dismiss either until you've heard them. Both are good, but different.

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