Some old school long exposures


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For the last couple of months or so I've been using piles of filters to help me get long shutter speeds during the day. Well with a lovely gloaming last night I decided it was time for a trip back to my roots and waiting for the light to dissapear to enable long exposures. So headed back up to the reservoir where I posted shots from earlier in the week.

I think I used a polarizer on the first 2 but no filter(s) :eek: on the last! As you can probably see they were all taken from within about 10m of each other. (sunset was about 7.48)


10mm | 1s | F9 | CPL | (7.56pm)


13mm | 2.5s | F11 | CPL | (8.04pm)

#3 - This is my personal favourite. I love the way the land is lit up beacuse of the gloaming going on behind my back

13mm | 103s | F13 | (8.30pm)

I did have trouble seeing where to cycle my bike on the way back to my motor at this time of night!! :D


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I love the way long exposures smooth lakes out, must try some soon myself.

As my camera only goes up to 30" - how can i work out how long i need the shutter open?


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As my camera only goes up to 30" - how can i work out how long i need the shutter open?

Mine only goes upto 30s aswell. What you need to look at is where on the exposure scale the mark is when you set the exposure to 30s. If it's one stop under then you need to expose for 1 stop over 30s which is double that - 60s. if it was 2 stops under it would be 120s. At this point you will need to adjust your ISO or aperture to bring the marker back on the scale and then work it out based on that (remembering to put your ISO back to 100).


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Your favourite Ally is also my favourite, but they are all very good :smashin:


Really lovely shots ally the compositions are excellent.I love the first two actually but the foreground seems a litlle underexposed at least thats how it appears on my monitor.
The third has better exposure but even then the foreground seems a tad under too.
I bet its tricky reverting back to this old schol method,especially as to expose the foreground you have to keep the sky under control.Id love to see and exposure Blend on the first one.

As it happens I did the same thing last night and had trouble at the foreground..Il post in a seperate thread


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I think I prefer the third one as well, mainly because of the colours reflecting in the water more prominently. The other two are also very nice indeed.


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I love all of them. It's something I will be trying my hand at in the next few weks for the first time...


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Hi ya

These really are lovely shotsAllymac. :thumbsup:Last one for me:smashin:

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:


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Beautifully captured light, especially on the first two. Riding a bike to take the shots is also an excellent way of getting in tune with landscape. How do carry your equipment on your bike to avoid shaking it to bits?

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