Some of the best TV due out on DVD soon!


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Morning Folks,

You'd better start saving those pennies, remortgaging your house, or planning that little bank heist you've been putting on hold :rotfl:, because there are a ton of quality TV shows coming this year to DVD. :clap:

Titles include:
- CSI: Miami (Season 1)
- Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 2)
- Monk (Season 1)
- Alias (Season 3)
- V: The Series (19 episodes)
- E.R. (Season 2)
- Law And Order (and its spin-off's)
- Scrubs
- Due South
- Party Of Five (Season 1)
- the original Knight Rider (Season 1)
- Sledgehammer
- The A-Team (Season 1)
- The Kids In The Hall (Season 1)
and many, many more! :clap:

For full details, news on extras, release dates, etc, and pictures too, please visit TVShowsOnDVD .




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Originally posted by PoochJD
- V: The Series (19 episodes)
- Sledgehammer

oh yehhhhhh especially Sledgehammer


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what about without a trace ? when is that ever going to be released on dvd so we can see all the episodes


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Sledgehammer:clap: I remember watching this for the first time after a night down the pub, I thought it was a serious show for the first 15 mins and wondered what the hell was going on. Top show:D


What about The Bionics on DVD :(

The Six Million Dollar Man
The Bionic Woman

They must get a full DVD Release one day :smashin:



Where’s The Invaders and The Greatest American Hero.


I'm looking forward to The A-Team (Season 1) DVDs;) I'm hoping they bring out a season 2 as well


:p I'm hoping they will bring all seasons for the following

The Six Million Dollar Man
Bionic Woman
The A team
Starsky & Hutch
The Full Guy
Knight Rider
Also the Dukes

Well maybe one day we will see all the above on DVD :smashin:

:clap: :devil: :clap:


Originally posted by BIONIC MAN
:p I'm hoping they will bring all seasons for the following

The Full Guy

Not meaning to pick you up but was that a typo (which I often do myself) but was that meant to be The Fall Guy?

Or did he have a big lunch.;)


Would dearly love the following TV shows in complete season box sets:

A decent release of "The Twilight Zone" (the original, and in season order and not spread over about 50 discs as it currently is)
"Twilight Zone" ('80s version)
"Outer Limits" (current colour series, in season box sets)
"Batman" (Adam West)
"The Phil Silvers Show" (Bilko)
"Rhoda" (Infinitely superior to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" from which it was a spin-off)
"The Invaders"
"Hill Street Blues"
"Tales of Mystery and Imagination" (Classic UK spook show)
"The Invaders"
"Thriller" (The US '60s series presented by Boris Karloff - have many of these on VHS - some well creepy stuff)
"Star Trek" (The original)
"Pennies from Heaven", "Karaoke", "Lipstick on Your Collar", (and indeed any and all Dennis Potter TV)
"Bewitched" (Daft but fun)
"Monty Python's Flying Circus" (uncut please, not like the current US shambles)
"Marty" (The Marty Feldman BBC series scripted by John Cleese and Graham Chapman)
"Q" (Classic Spike Milligan series - still hilarious)
"Batman" (the '90s - present day animated versions)
"Birds of Prey"
"The Flash"
"Lois and Clark" (The Dean Cain Superman series)

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