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Hello to all the members of AVFourms, im Chris, just joined. I would have posted this question on the forums but they are dead now :(. I loved those forums, was in the top 50 posters, but now, its gone...

Anyway, i have started a small YouTube channel devoted to Battlefield, mainly for my friends to post their videos on and maybe get a few subscribers, nothing huge. I want to put my videos up, i am a good player and recording is also helpful to my clan (Death Awaits, 17th/World) for proof if needs be.

Normally, i would use my cheapo EasyCap - except i cannot play in High Definition whilst doing so. This means that my ability to play is significantly downgraded. I cannot play to the best of my ability, as i cannot see (well enough) the screen! BC2 is a blurry and hazy game at times in HD, so SD is a nightmare to play on when theres a sandstorm on Atacama Desert.

Anyway (to the point), i have purchased a new GPU to render my videos (i did not have a graphics card before). I bought a 1GB EAH4350 Silent by Asus. It does the job and is a small card, perfect for my small PC. I also bought a 1TB Hitachi Hard drive to store my video on. Then i went to install the components. Only one PCI slot. I think it is a x16 slot, it fits the GPU anyway, but this scuppers my ideas of buying a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card to record gameplay in HD. It requires a slot i do not think my computer has. I was wondering if i should buy an new motherboard or not. I will include a picture of my mobo in the next post if needs be.

My Pc has a LGA775 processor and DDR2 RAM, will need 3 SATA ports, at least one PCi x16 slot and i think thats it

If it is cheaper to buy a different card or device than a new mobo and the Blackmagic, please can you suggest an alternaive. Thanks


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A new mobo won't be too much and will mean you can use your existing kit without an issue.
Its a PCI-e slot you'll be using not PCI.
You need to know if it's mATX or ATX sized board, ATX being the bigger board.
Something like a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L would be okay, its Skt775, DDR2 4xSATA ports, and has PCI-e x16 slot for your GPU, and PCI-e x1 slot for the capture card, and a couple of PCI slots, its also mATX so would fit in your existing case (unless you have something obscure).


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