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I'm new to the world of lcd tv's and dvd recorders.
Just purchased the kdlv32 and have to say it's stunning. I also got a sony gx210 dvd recorder.
I've got everything set up in the following way.. tv aerial into back of dvd player, scart from dvd into tv in scart slot 1.
I can't get the dvd recorder to store any of the digital channels and it only picks up the terrestrial channels weakly.
Could anyone advise where i'm going wrong and how to rectify?
I haven't tried recording anything yet..
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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The GX210 dvd recorder only has an analogue tuner not freeview so you cannot store the digital channels.

If the analogue channels are weak then this may be due to the aerial connection. I presume that you have the outside TV aerial co-axial cable connected to the DVD recorder input and the output aerial co-ax connected to the TV. That's the way it should be.

If your TV has freeview (digital channels) then you should be able to record a freeview channel from the TV if you have a scart connection between TV AV2 and DVD recorder AV2. Look in the TV manual to find out how to select the Digital channel output. If you select this then to record you will not be able to watch another channel on the TV.

Best idea is to purchase a small freeview STB and connect this via scart to the AV2 socket of your dvd recorder. This will allow you to record freeview programmes and also to watch a freeview programme on the TV (assuming your TV has digital channels).
You would also then need to connect the aerial coax lead to the STB also. You could purchase a Maxview TV amplifier with three outlets and run the aerial outputs separately to each of your three appliances.
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