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    Evening all, after much research i am planning on taking the plunge and ordering myself an optoma HD600x tomorrow, its gonna be hooked upto a PS3 for gaming and movies, the question i have is based around the mounting height of the projector and room conditions, here are my measurements.

    the room is 190 x 340 cm
    i plan to have the lens at 300cm from the screen
    for picture width im going for 180cm

    The above figures have been put through the calculator and i think im correct with my picture size at that distance

    My question is this, i was planning to have the PJ above my seating mounted from the ceiling, at what height am i going to have to put it though because i obviously dont wanna be banging my head on it.

    Secondly im designing the room entirely as a 'cinema' so will be painting it to suit, there is a 180cm window on the wall opposite to the screen but that will have a blackout blind and curtains, what is the best colour to paint the room ? im not to keen on doing it black so is a matt grey suitable ??



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