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Some more misty goodness.


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Day off work today so went to the Shropshire Union Canal at it's nearest to where I live. These were taken just outside of Wolverhamton in a lovely little village called Brewood. It was very misty and as you can see from the following images visibility was down to around 100 yards if that.

It was cold and muddy but the sun was hazily shining through and the waters were like mirrors, perfect reflections.

As ever, images are clickable and link directly to the respective Flickr photo page where larger sizes and .exif can be found.

Into The Mist

Visibility.......not a lot!


Bridge 16

Shropshire Union Canal

Comments, as ever, appreciated.


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Love the second one, and the bridge.

If I was being picky (and I usually am) I would like to have seen more detail on the canal boat on the second. Just enough so you could see where the boat finishes, and the reflection starts..

Still no fog here :mad: Oh well, I'm off for a Christmas in Somerset tomorrow, so i'm hoping for some lovely thick fogginess to leap in front of the camera.


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I know what you mean, ther water was that still that it was like a perfect mirror at times. The mist and hazy sunshine made metering very difficult today but i'm quite pleased with how the majority turned out, not too many blow outs :)


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There I was thinking the mists would keep all you happy snappers idle!:D

Apart from the first, all the others are "keepers" . Great stuff:smashin:
I agree too that the second (visibility.. not a lot) seems to keep you wondering ..just what is behind the boat?.
Caravans is a bit dark and moody but I like it best. The desolation is illustrative of the weather really.

Amazing you've captured enough colour information and detail.
Visibility in my neck of the woods was about 10m and the few pics I took today seem lifeless :devil: are destined for the recycle bin :rotfl:

PS : I live near Heathrow:eek:


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Lol at the title of the thread :rotfl:

I can just see all the poor feckers stuck at Heathrow agreeing with you!

Nice set of pics Steve. Number 2 is the winner for me. :smashin:


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Steve these are excellent. I've just got in after a long long day and seeing that second picture really has chilled me out and calmed me down. Thanks


Cheers Gordon.

I did enjoy my walk along the canal and spent a good 15 minutes chatting to a narrowboat owner about life on the water. Definitely a beautiful place to be (maybe not so much during the winter) and a really relaxed pace of life. Something like that will be beckoning for me sooner rather than later methinks.

rat race.....out of!


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Have you tried putting a bit of a sepia tone on any of these Steve ? Some of these may benefit from this for something different :)


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Have you tried putting a bit of a sepia tone on any of these Steve ? Some of these may benefit from this for something different :)

No, very little post processing at all, basically limited to a levels adjustment, resize and sharpen. I agree they do seem to have that kind of 'tone' to them I'm guessing it must have been a combination of the misty conditions and the 'cloudy' white balance setting in-camera. A full sepia conversion would look quite nice I agree.


2nd one for me as well Steve, like the unusual view point, unless you're on a bridge or boat you'd have to be in the water or just about to fall in :D

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