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Some logs


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Inspired by Tobers log shots recently, I thought that when we went for a walk with the dogs today I would see if I could find some stacks. I only found 1 small pile so here they are. I'm quite pleased the way the shots have come out. All shot hand held with the nifty fifty. very little PP, just resize, unsharp mask and border added. oh yeah and converted to B&W. Let me know what you think. :)



And here are some with the dogs





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The two B&W log pics don't do much for me. Can logs really be made to look appealing?!
I like the photo with your dogs on them though. It looks like they are in their element. ;)
Lovely portraits too.


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The log ones don;t do much for me either. I think they may have worked better if you'd got a little closer and filled the frame, rather than having some OOF background at the top.

The second dog shot is a corker though. Love the very limited DOF - great shot :smashin:


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I'd be tempted to chop a bit off the top of pic' 2. That kind of pic' is about texture, which the sawn end grain has loads of.

The second dog pic', the close up, is terrific. The eyes are perfectly focused, maybe a different apeture would have put the ears in sharper focus? But I'm nitpicking, tell me to .................go away! ;)

BAD Dave

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Mind if I join in?
I took this dizzying picture of a log pile last year.
If it wasn't so disturbing it would not be at all interesting!


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    06-09 002.jpg
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Crikey - someone inspired by me! Amazing. I suggest you go for a closer crop on the logs and fiddle with the levels a bit to get a wider range of tones i.e. blacker blacks and lighter whites - they look a tad grey at the moment. Of course, it helps if you have a huge pile of logs rather than a little pile.

Nice dogs - look a bit like wolves initially.


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Well i was going to join in and take a log photo, but this little fellow nicked me log:laugh:



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I love #3:thumbsup: they almost look like a wild pack. 'cept for the collars:D

off topic i know, but what variety are the dogs?

(PMSL @ Bodo)




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The 2 standing nearest the edge of the pile are lurchers and the furthest is a welsh collie.:)

thanks all for your comments. :smashin:

bodoman, you need a shotgun :rotfl:

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